Limited Edition Prints
These are hand printed onto heavy fabriano paper giving the print an imbossed impression into the paper. See photos at the bottom.
They are then hand coloured using watercolour.
I have printed a run of 100 of each design,
after these go, that's it.... till I produce
some new designs.

The prints will fit a 40cmx40cm frame
as seen here.

£50.00 mounted plus postage.
£45.00 unmounted plus postage.
framed example
The Designs
To view a larger image
of the prints
click on the image below.
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Iguana print button
Kingfisher print button
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Puffin print button
Woodpecker print button
longtailed tit print
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brown owl print
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Gannet and Chick Print
Himalayan Bulbul print
owl and pussycat
print studio photo 1
print studio photo 2
print studio photo 4
Here are some photos showing the process involved, taken at the Edinburgh Print Studio this year, when I was printing up "Gannet and Chick" and
"Himalayan Bulbul". I tend to print the blocks in one colour and then hand colour using watercolour to get the finished image.
I like the immediacy of woodcut and the element of not knowing how the print will look till you peel the paper back from the block.
"The Owl and the Pussycat"