I produce a range of cards 130mm x 130mm.
There are 21 designs, plus, five christmas designs.
The cards are blank on the inside, so you can write your own message and the cards can be used for many occassions.

Each design has three versions the first is colour, the second one shows the block before it has been printed, this shows the texture of the wood,
and lastly a black and white version.
The Designs
To view a larger image of the card
click on the image.
Copyright Claire Macdonald 2013
Blue tit button
kingfisher card button
dipper card button
puffin card button
gannet card button
iguana card button
woodpecker card button
carolina duck card button
Eider Duck card button
mandarin duck card button
dodo card button
pheasant card button
hornbill card button
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small robin print
Small Mounted Prints
I also have a range of smaller prints in each of the 21 designs.
These are 30cm x 30cm.
They are mounted and are bigger versions of the colour designs used for the cards.
They are £10.00 plus £3.00 postage and have proved popular at fairs and make a great gift for the twitcher in the family.
puffin card photo
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mexican spectacled owl card button
eagle owl button
brown owl button
Christmas cards button
Christmas Cards
gannet and chick card button
Just a wee note about postage.
You may have noticed if you buy more than one product the postage gets added with each item.
Don't let that put you off.
I can reimburse any extra postage incurred so you will only pay for what's required to get your products to you.
Christmas Jumper