These cards come in either colour,
woodcut or black and white.
Please select which type you would prefer. If you choose three of the same cards you will get them for £5.00.
If you would like different designs
still choose 3 of one design to get the deal and email me which others you would like.
It's because of the way pay pal do
their buttons.
puffin picture
pay pal
colour card
woodcut card
black and white card
You can now buy a small mounted print 30cm x 30cm
of the Puffin.
This is a bigger version of the card laser printed and signed.
These have proved popular at fairs and make a great gift for the twitcher in the family.
£10.00 + £3.00 p+p
Copyright Claire Macdonald 2013
Number of cards
puffin card photo
small puffin print
Small Mounted Prints
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